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Additionally you should not make your JLabel public in the New JFrame class.Declare it as private and access it with getter and setter methods.In your case a That's not possible, basically what i have tried to do, there need to be some kind of a sleep as far as i'm concerned so that the text updates within the loop.For example each time the loop passes the text must change on the j Lable, so for an int it must literally show the count happening in the label., it puts a request on the EDT to update the UI and some time in the future, but in the mean time, you continue looping, preventing the EDT from processing that repaint request and occurring.final JFrame frame = new JFrame(); // Miscellaneous code in here - removed for brevity // Create the Image Thumbnail swing Image and start up with a default image swing Image = new JLabel(); String root Path = new File("")Absolute Path(); update Image(root Path "/images/default.jpg"); // Miscellaneous code in here - removed for brevity right Pane.add(swing Image, Border Layout. LINE_END); If you've gotten this far, the first image is my default.jpg, and once I get the directory and identify the first image in that directory, that's where it fails when I try to update the swing Image.I don't think setting a value in the constructor looks correct; leave it blank.

EDIT: 4) update Turn is called from the JPanel that contains (I get the string 'O', instead of 'X'), I know that whats being displayed ("Player X's turn") is not what should be displayed ("Player O's turn"). Perhaps it has something to do with concurrency as you mention in your question: 2) What does this mean: "I wonder if your problem is a concurrency issue, that you are doing a long-running process on the Swing event thread and that this is preventing your label from updating its text." I read that somewhere else.

What this pattern does is seperate the portions of the program into easily defined elements that allow seperation of concern, this seems to be what you have attempted. I have recently learnt (still learning, really) java, and after I learnt the basics of MVC for UI applications it helped me tremendously. Or doesn't the running application work as expected?

I went to MVC straight away since thats the path that he was asking about, by separating the code to modify the label text in another class. With my answer I meant: "you shouldn't get compile errors, if...".

Is there an easier way to do this and if so what should i use instead of a j Label? The problem you have is Swing is a single threaded enironment.

That is, there is a single thread responsible for dispatching all the events and processing all the repaint requests.

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